Delivering the right message in the right moment. In context.


What We Do

We are a company who is working to bring contextual communication concepts from the Internet to the real life. Merging different IT technologies we´ve been developing different solutions to apply this concept to our daily life.

Ranging from retail to non profit businesses we´ve developed IT solutions to deliver the right message in the right moment, according to the recipient´s context. As well as generating analytics to better understand your audience.


Who We Are

We are a group of people looking to develop new IT solutions to discover new possibilities and enhance the current ones.

Partners of Telefonica. Part of Wayra Mexico, MassChallenge2014 Boston,MA. 2014 and CNN-Expansion´s Entrepreneur of the Year.


Our Work

Developing IT solutions ranging from hardware developments to our most recent mobile solution "Hobily" we´ve worked in diverse implementations with top companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Kellog´s, Nestle just to mention a few ones.

Say Hello.

Please, send us an e-mail, we´d love to talk with you.